July – August Session Starting Soon

Just a quick reminder that my online Zoom classes will be continuing through the summer.  We are on a “Holiday” break this week.  The July/August session will be starting on Tuesday, July 9th.  In this session, we are going to be focusing on balance.   If you would like more information about the Tuesday/Saturday classes, please go to Classes. These sessions have been very popular, and I frequently receive reviews like the following:
“Saturday’s practice was so magical for me.  I have difficulty describing how I felt – just calm, serene and cleansed within. Thank you for this gift. Namaste”

Here is a link to 10 Yoga Balance Tips: 10 Yoga Balance Tips to Improve Your Balance. – YogaUOnline 

Milestone Year

In January, I celebrated my 20th anniversary as a Yoga teacher.  If you are a student, friend or acquaintance, you have been a part of that journey even if we simply met and talked Yoga briefly.  Through my teaching, I have deepened my practice in ways I never would have imagined 20 years ago.  I feel that all of you have been my teachers and that we are sharing this practice together.  I am delighted to see how many of you have developed your own personal practice through my classes and recordings on Zoom.  I plan to continue in that direction for the next year.  If you would like to join me online as my guest for a class or to view a recording, just send an email to 

Wishing you all health and happiness for the New Year!

Namaste and Yoga On!

Yoga Vista Academy Ten Year Anniversary

Congratulations to Sherry Zak Morris and her Yoga Vista Academy on their 10-year anniversary. As part of their celebration, they are honoring “Trailblazers in Teaching Yoga to Seniors.” I was humbled to be one of the first honorees. Below is a copy of their post and a short video.

There’s something magical about getting down on the mat” says Helena Bray (Yogazander), E-RYT and mentor teacher for Silver Age Yoga.

In celebration of our Academy ten year anniversary, we’re celebrating TEN amazing Yoga Teachers who are dear to us. Helena is a Trailblazer in teaching Yoga for Seniors. Her extensive knowledge and passion for teaching to the 50+ demographic shines through in each of her classes and workshops. ​​

Yoga Vista Academy Trailblazer

In her 4-hour online workshop, Teaching Mat/Chair Yoga Classes, you’ll learn how to modify floor asanas so that those with physical limitations are able to take part! Just click the button!!

There’s a New Dawn Coming…
Where Do We Go From Here?

March 12th 2022 will mark the 2-year anniversary of my teaching an in-person Yoga class.  During this time, I have witnessed many of you dedicating yourself to your practice from the safety of your home. I am in awe of your progress, and I would like to continue to support you on your path. Therefore, I will continue to offer my Zoom classes for the upcoming months. I had originally intended to raise the price of my Tuesday/Saturday classes to cover an increase in costs.  However, I simply do not want to do that.  I am keeping the price at $40 for 2-month sessions but reducing the number of classes to 12 (rather than 14).  And, of course, four recordings will always be available for your personal practice when there is no class or when you are unable to attend at the scheduled time.  If you are not currently attending these classes and would like to join us, just let me know.  Sending big virtual hugs your way…a new month is on its way!

Namaste and Yoga On!

A Little Push….

Sometimes we all need a “little push” to get us to act on an intention that we have held for a long time. If you have been holding the intention to try my Virtual Yoga Classes, here is that “little push.”  It’s not too late to sign up for the Nov/Dec Session of this year which will remain at $40 with a guest pass so that you can sample the class before committing.  I will be raising the price for classes in the New Year to $50 for 2 months (usually about 14 classes and access to each class recording). And for those of you who would like to give someone else a “little push,” I will also be offering the month of January (6 classes and recordings) for $25. A great holiday gift! 

Embracing Technology

During the past 16 months, I have explored building a Yoga community virtually. At first, I didn’t think that it could be done. And now, I am amazed and in awe of those who have taken this opportunity to deepen their practice. With them in mind, I have decided to continue teaching my virtual classes for the next several months. Check out my virtual class offerings!

Finding The Joy

What a year!!!  The last Yoga class that I taught in person was on Thursday, March 12, 2020.  I remember it well because it was the last day that I set an alarm clock (not sure if the old thing even works anymore).  I would have never imagined back then how satisfying sharing an online practice could be.  As I reflect, I would like to share this article from the Scripps Ranch Newsletter with you: March 2021 SRCA Newsletter . The COVID numbers are improving, and it appears that we will be starting to open up very soon.  In the meantime, I will be continuing with the online classes listed below.  As we move forward, remember that the patience and awareness we learn in our practice will serve us well! 

We are Zooming…

I don’t know about you, but before April 2020, I had never even heard of Zoom.  And now we are using it for happy hours, birthday parties, family get togethers and, yes, even Yoga classes!!!  I have grown to embrace Zoom because it has allowed us to continue to practice together. If you are interested in trying a virtual class, I have listed my classes below.  I hope that you have all been able to find a way to continue your practice over the last few months because the practice supports us not only physically, but mentally as well.  Stay healthy and I am looking forward to seeing you all “in the real world” very soon!

Silver Age Yoga offered by Silver Age Yoga Community Outreach.  Donation based classes for those 55 and over.  For a complete list of classes, go to

Virtual Studio intended to replace my studio classes during stay-at-home orders.   Deep Yoga every Tuesday morning at 10 AM and Saturday Serenity every Saturday afternoon at 2 PM.  Students can attend both classes every week for a monthly subscription fee.  Send me an email if you do not currently attend and are interested.